Making a Plan

Establish your future plan.

It all leads up to this - making a plan for your future spine health. Now that you have completed Back Care Boot Camp you should have the tools to effectively manage back pain and work to ensure good habits for life long spine health. But the road is just beginning. The older we get the longer it takes to get back in shape - and once you get in shape it takes work to stay in shape.


The 4 weeks you spend doing learning the Back Care Boot Camp program just teaches you WHAT you need to work on to take control of your back pain and achieve optimum spine health. By making a plan you are developing a strategy to continue on the road to reducing or eliminating back pain.

When you've made your plan, go over it with your health care provider to make sure that the things you've decided to do will promote good spine health and not aggravate your condition. Be sure to place your plan in a location where you can see it often and review it.

Consider these options.

Refer to Session Eight for more information on the options listed here. This is just a starting point of the many programs and possibilities that are now available to help people achieve optimal spine health.

  • Aquatics
  • Fitness
  • Personal exercise
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga

Check these sources.

Find programs and services in your location using these and other sources.

  • Newspaper
  • Phone book
  • Health club bulletin boards
  • Internet

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