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Back Care . . . Online and Easy

Welcome to a novel method for helping your clients with back pain. This online resource is designed to extend your clinic expertise by providing Internet-based education and skills training that you can use in tandem with your clinic sessions.

Every section is delivered in user-friendly, downloadable documents. You can download and print each section for your clients, or simply point them to the website and have them access each section. Either way, they get the information and skills training they need to get the most out of your clinic treatments.

Your clients with back pain are searching online for information on their condition. Make sure they get the right information by putting them in touch with Back Care Boot Camp. Your clients will appreciate having access to a simple, easy-to-read, and useful program. You’ll appreciate having this educational resource at your fingertips, without having to incur costs for creating your own program or for purchasing inventory to resell to your clients.

A New Era in Back Care

Times have changed. So have the approaches used to successfully treat and manage low back pain. The challenge we face as physical therapists is to consistently provide our patients with the best treatments and information available. The task of consolidating and delivering the newest and latest research on spine care is daunting. That's where Back Care Boot Camp can help.

Patient education is paramount to successful outcomes when treating patients with low back pain. The key is to provide current and evidence-based information. Back Care Boot Camp is a compilation of global guidelines and research, so you can be sure that your patients get up-to-date information - every time.

In this new era, we often face a time crunch that limits one-on-one time with our patients. And it's our back patients that often need more of our time. We're also faced with fewer and fewer visits due to a managed-care environment. The Back Care Boot Camp program consolidates the information and skills we want our patients to assimilate. Implementing Back Care Boot Camp can help you maximize your efficiency, while ensuring that your patients get what they need.

Who Benefits?


Today's patients are hungry consumers searching for the latest and best resources and information. Back Care Boot Camp provides them with a unified core of knowledge.

Patients learn by doing. The course syllabus is interactive, so patients can begin to put the new information to work right away. The syllabus follows a session-by-session format, which keeps patients on track over the course of care. Your patients have continuous access to the information. And the syllabus is theirs to keep, so they'll always have a valuable resource to which they can refer.

Patients take an active part in their rehabilitation. The program minimizes passive interventions. Patients are directed to take an active role in the management of their spine condition. The final sessions promote active strategies for life-long spine care.

Today's literature promotes a sports-medicine model for patients with low back pain. Obviously, this enthusiastic approach must be applied only where appropriate. It should be adjusted for the aging adult, for example, who may need to proceed more slowly. In general, patients do best when encouraged early on to resume normal activity as soon as possible. The beginning sessions of Back Care Boot Camp help you direct your patients toward this goal.

Physical Therapists

Back Care Boot Camp is not a fixed protocol. It is a valuable tool that you can use to enhance your health-care delivery. The program is not meant as a substitute to a complete rehabilitation program. Nor is it to be used in lieu of a formal physical therapy evaluation.

Use the program to save time in the clinic. You can spend your valuable time evaluating and treating your patients. Because Back Care Boot Camp provides much of the information you need to relay, you won't find yourself bogged down with all the details of patient education. The syllabus supplements the information you intend to deliver.

The Back Care Boot Camp syllabus ensures consistent delivery of the information and skills patients need to take control of their back condition. You won't have to worry about getting interrupted and inadvertently leaving out vital information during clinic visits. You can add as much additional detail as you like during the course of care.

Back Care Boot Camp was designed using clinical guidelines. The guidelines chosen include the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality in the United States (formerly the United States Agency for Health Care Policy and Research), the Cochrane Collection Back Group in the United Kingdom, and the New Zealand Guidelines Group.

Referral Sources

Your referring providers also benefit. When they become familiar with Back Care Boot Camp, they can prescribe the program with confidence - knowing what their patients will be doing and learning every step of the way. And you'll be able to communicate with your referring providers using the resources available in the program, including the forms and handouts.

Brent Dodge, PT, OCS, CMPT, CSCS

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