1 - Back in Action - Review

Goals Information Skills Drills Questions Review

 Session Review

Take an active role in your recovery.

  • Stay active and continue usual activities.
  • Avoid resting in bed for more than two days.
  • Advance your activity over a short period of a few days to a few weeks.
  • Use time, not pain, as your guide while you gradually resume ordinary activities.
  • If you are working, you should stay working.
  • If you are off work due to back pain, you should probably get back to work sooner rather than later, with modifications to your work if needed.

Learn all you can about your condition.

  • People who educate themselves tend to have a sense of well-being and control over their situation.
  • Use the syllabus as your educational guide to better back health.

Use the neutral spine position.

  • Assume a slight inward curve in your low back.
  • Use this position when you rest, move, lift, and work.

Begin to self-manage your back pain.

  • Use safe postures to control pain and protect your back.
  • Do the exercises given by your healthcare provider to help you control pain and begin moving safely.

Goals Information Skills Drills Questions Review

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